It's a new day when it comes to angel investing. Long gone are the days of onerous term sheets and founder unfriendly valuations. 

We love this new day. And we wanted to participate and bring something novel to the equation. And it's a simple idea.

Angel investors can literally be saviours for a starving start-up, by either providing much needed capital, expertise, contacts and critical strategic support. But what if you could tap into a whole new kind of angel investor, one that isn't just based on an individual but on a counsel that shares key philosophies?

And what if you get access to not one but three (and through our extended network much, much more) successful entrepreneurs who have all owned and operated multi-million dollar businesses who cater their investment philosophy around trust, basic tried-and-true business concepts and experience sharing where transparency rules? This isn't just a new angel syndicate, this is a new way of seed investing. 

We like to call it SOT.

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